Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Holiday and Wedding Plans

Sure enough, Christmas break equaled wedding planning galore. I had my first dress fitting, found the perfect shoes (with a discount because of a minuscule scuff), collected hundreds of addresses, finished registering at REI, and hunted through hundreds of Fitzgerald pictures searching for the perfect ones of Trevor for our slide show.

My favorite part was spending time with family. I got to spend Christmas morning with my family and then flew out to Seattle to spend the rest of the week with Trevor's family. I loved getting to know his family better, before the wedding. It especially gives me something to look forward to for our Seattle reception. Now I'll know more than just the groom and parents while we're there. I can't wait to see everyone again!

One highlight was most definitely Christmas dinner. We had dinner with with Trevor's grandpa and aunt and uncle from his mother's side. We talked and laughed together much after the delicious food was gone. It was at dinner that we discovered a simple, but comical, flaw concerning the "save the date" cards. Trevor's mom was gracious enough to help us eliminate the work of distributing them, by including them with the family Christmas card. She proofread them and had Trevor's dad proofread them and she proofread them again, but somehow the final version still had a typo. It read "...the marriage of Shelley of Trevor" instead of "Shelley and Trevor." This is when Trevor's aunt confessed she had noticed the typo. Assuming a mistake would not have been made, the only explanation she could think of was that it must be part of the "Mormon culture." While some of our may beliefs may appear quirky, we actually use prepositions the same way everyone else does. We laughed about this for quite some time! So for those of you that received this insert with the Fitzgerald Christmas card and are not LDS, may we clarify that it is not part of our religion to use unusual prepositions. :-)

Stay posted for an update from the groom and his holiday (surgical) adventures!

PS (from Trevor) If you didn't get a save-the-date card, it's because we only had 20. So, save the date! It's April 24!


  1. Well written, Shelley. After reading about the conversation about the typo at Christmas dinner, I started laughing all over again. My sister is a crack-up. I hope you can handle our silly family. Barb

  2. Cute blog Shelley! And Trevor! You know how you can get bored and end up playing on facebook? Well one thing lead to another and here I am. I must say that you to are hilarious! And of course April 24 has been saved on my calendar. I can't wait.