Thursday, March 26, 2009

Revolutionary way to get out of debt!

Shelley and I are in a personal finance class that you may have heard about in earlier posts. It's a great class and we've learned a ton about investments, insurance, saving, financial planning, and the list goes on. One thing we have learned, however, stands out above all the rest. It is a truly remarkable and revolutionary way to get out of, and stay out of, debt.

If you are having any financial troubles or are even just curious about this fascinating program, please enjoy the video below. It will change you life, as it has ours. It is truly a reflection of the innovative and inspiring learning environment that we participate in at BYU.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pictures of the new pad!

Ok, before the unveiling of our new place, I just want to put a plug in for our website, which I'd say is about 95% done. All that's left is the Wedding Party stuff, which will be a fun addition in the next week or two. So after you're done reading go to - in particular click on the directions, bring up the map, and click directions on the map - I'm super proud of this little part.

Well, here it is! Three parts: apartment, apartment, dentist office.

Okay, this is the inside (thank you Photoshop photomerge)

Another view of the kitchen...

And look at this closet! ...there's almost enough room for Shelley's clothes :)

We can move in at the middle of April and then when we get back from the h-moon we'll be all settled in and ready to go. We're EXTREMELY excited, to say the least!