Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter 2014

As I have declared before, Easter has become my favorite holiday. Because of what it means and everything it stands for and how it personally relates to me and my family.

I usually plant bulbs every fall so that I will have tulips blooming in the springtime to remind me of Christ, to honor our son Luke, and to celebrate the new life that the Easter holiday embodies.

We moved just before fall and with the new place and all our other issues at the time I wasn't able to plant any tulips at our most recent residence. Also, we moved out before they would have bloomed, yet I still regret not doing it.

I was able to at least purchase some lovely tulips to have on display for Easter.

Easter was simple. We didn't do anything to extravagant to celebrate.

We attended church, like usual, and enjoyed the special musical numbers that were prepared for the day.

We let Jeremy pick up some Easter eggs that we scattered in the park by our house and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather.

We invited another couple over who also just relocated here for work to join us for dinner. I guess being a foodie the best way I knew to celebrate was to cook lots of yummy food --a baked ham with a homemade glaze, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, and carrot cake all from scratch. (I forgot to take pictures before we ate it all up!)

All the while I was simply feeling in my heart a closeness to my savior, Jesus Christ. A gratitude for His life, His love, and His gift of the resurrection that is promised to all. I am so grateful to know that because of Him I can be reunited with my son Luke and eventually all of my family members after we live our mortal lives.

I know that my Redeember Lives, and for Him I am Grateful 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Footprints and Molds

I feel so fortunate to have these little treasures.

These molds of both Luke's hands and feet were created for us after he was born. Luke was born at midnight so I think I finally submitted to much needed sleep, after both a very emotionally trying day and going through labor, around 3 am. At this point the nurses took Luke for a bit to create the molds and to stamp his hand and footprints.

These are the most treasured item in my home. When I decorated our entryway I decided to place the molds of Luke's feet there. I like that they are in a prominent place that both myself and others can see. I love to look at how long his feet are and imagine how he'll be tall and handsome just like his father.

I am so grateful for the Timpanogos hospital offering this service. I am grateful to the nurse who was on that night shift dedicating her time to sculpting our molds and tying perfect little blue bows on them. They were created with such care and even though this nurse wasn't actually caring for our baby she was serving and giving in a way that I will always be grateful for.


This post was originally written March of 2012 when we were living in our home in Payson, Utah. The molds of Luke's feet have continued to find prominent places in our homes in Virginia and have yet to be unpacked in California. I am sure we will find a special place for them here too. For both moves to and from DC these were wrapped in bubble wrap and traveled not on the moving truck with the rest of our possessions, but with me. First, in our truck when we drove out to DC and then in my carry-on bag last week on our flight back.