Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What we learned in Provo Canyon!

This weekend we had to do an intense field study in the pouring rain in Provo Canyon for one of Shelley's classes. We went for a hike to find the answers to four specific questions:
  1. What kind of pine trees grow in the canyon?
  2. What kind of animals live there?
  3. Where does the snow go when it melts?
  4. How much rain does the area get annually?
Here are some pictures to document what we learned!

One of the many pine trees we saw.

Look, do you see how all the grass is laying flat towards down hill? It's because of melting snow!

We found a HUGE Beaver dam!

Not sure what kind of animal these come from...

Don't eat the worm, Shelley!

Pine trees only on the north face?

We thought these guys were smart...until we realized they were an hour away from the parking lot wearing only sweatshirts and jeans in the pouring rain. And they weren't going towards the cars.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

This video was posted on this past Friday. It is an inspirational and touching talk given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, a leader of the Church, combined with a video made by the church called The Lamb of God.

I with Shelley, want to share my feelings about the Savior, Jesus Christ. I believe in Him. I believe in His Resurrection and the hope it gives to all of humankind. I am deeply grateful for His love and the peace that he brings into my life.

Happy Easter!

Our Story Edit

Shelley sent this email to me today and I thought it was hilarious - and hilariously true.

On the Our Story page of our website, speaking about the beginning of our relationship, the fourth paragraph reads:
"Moab: I think this is where it really began. After spending hours together driving, hiking, camping, and of course flirting, we were both aware of the other's interest. I already knew he was interested in me, but it was there in Moab under the starry sky that he confirmed that."
Shelley's email read:
That sould say "...that he confessed what I had already suspected." Or something like that. Cuz otherwise it sounds like we made out and we didn't.

Haha, does anyone else think that's as funny as I do?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy April! - Memories of Dt-Day

Besides accidentally persuading the parents of one of my roommates that the police were running after him for TPing an "O" on Y-Mount, this year's April Fools day was a little disappointing to me. So, I'll just reminisce about last year.

The crowd begins to gather at Dt-Day

Last year for April Fools, Shelley and I organized the largest most successful (in our not so humble opinion) prank in the history of BYU. They were demolishing some of the dorms and with the help of many friends, we passed out fliers saying that the last tower would be imploded on April 1st. About 4 thousand fliers. Basically, we created a fake event that had about 1,500 people show up for it. There were families taking pictures in front of the remaining tower, people in lawn chairs, news crews, liberal students protesting and petitioning the protection of the last building (which was already 33% gone), bystanders galore, and a handful of police.

The news articles that followed are really the greatest part of the whole thing. If people leave comments on this post expressing an interest in the articles, I'll be sure to link to them in the next post. But here are some pictures!

Invitations are out - we're getting so close!

After an extremely well organized group effort, we were able to efficiently mail all six hundred and something invitations. (Before I say anything else, I understand the possible sensitivity of this topic. Let me just say, this was a very hard process, and if you are surprised you didn't get one, we probably are too. There is just no way to get everyone, I almost didn't even send one to my parents...ok that's not true.)

Anyway, both mine and Shelley's roommates helped us out a ton. We met in the conference room of my office on campus and had an invitation assembly party that lasted until 2 am. Within 16 hours every invitation was assembled, stuffed with the correct inserts, thrown into an already addressed envelope (I had printed those a few days before), and mailed. You can see a pdf of the invitation on our website (click Announcement).

One last thing about assembling the invitations. The final step of sealing envelopes was the most dreaded part. During a meeting at work, all my coworkers pitched in and we got every single one sealed in less than 10 minutes. It was awesome. I have such great coworkers - there is an real feeling of service and charity where I work.
Look at this team! (look at all the envelopes getting sealed...!)

Henry Ford was right!

Many hands make light work!

In addition to this exciting checkpoint, we have been very busy with school and other festivities. This past weekend we enjoyed the Semi-Annual LDS General Conference. I was talking with my brother between sessions and we agreed that the first weekends of April and October could really be considered the Mormon Holiday. Even missionaries get a break for a few hours! As always, the messages were incredibly inspiring and uplifting. We both feel spiritually charged and excited about the future. Knowing that there may be some reading this who aren't familiar with what this worldwide General Conference is all about, I have provided two links that may be useful:
While I'm on the topic of churchy things, Shelley and I are charge of a Family Home Evening group in our ward. This week, for the activity, we made videos about our beliefs and shared our feelings about different gospel-related topics. We then posted the videos on YouTube for the world to see. Randomly, I noticed while watching the video of myself that the left side of my face is limp. My guess is it either has to do with surgery or sledding...

Anyway, if you want to watch the videos, click here.

While wedding preparations occupy much of our time, Shelley and I have also been sure to maintain a little balance. Shelley has really been balancing...on her toes. Ok, sorry, bad joke. She did do some dancing last week at the Museum of Art. Her dance company, BYU Kinnect, has been performing there for the Walter Wick: "I Spy" exhibit. When I watch modern dancing I feel like an uncultured neanderthal trying to understand art. These performances, however, (as is the case with most of Shelley's dancing - yep, I'm a little biased) have actually been really fun to watch. It also helps that I LOVED "I Spy" books as a kid. The few times I have been to the MOA to watch these performances I usually end up in the gallery spending way too much time staring at "I Spy" pictures.

That's Shelley in the air in the back. This dance was inspired by the "I Spy" book Levers, Ramps, and Pulleys (or something like that).

I've also been busy working and playing and trying to finish the semester strong. In the meantime I've been finding time to play Ultimate Frisbee and maintian our website which has been really fun for me. I'm also proud to announce that I'm now trying to teach Shelley how to play tennis! I gave her a private lesson last night. I think the "blind leading the blind" would be a good summary of how it went, but we sure had fun!

One week left of class! One week until we get the keys to our new place! And 2.5 weeks until we get hitched! Yahoo!