Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Progress Toward Married Life

Exciting things are happening with Shelley and I. First off, I think we finished registering. Shelley will probably be making adjustments to our registry even after we're married, but pretty much the important things (tools, games, camping equipment, etc.) have been registered for--who needs blenders and butter knives when you've got drills and radial arm saws? I'll probably get a few dirty looks for this, but we will also graciously accept pizza gift cards from any major pizza chains or Provo based restaurants. It is imperative that I mention that.

Other big news: I can eat! To celebrate we busted out the barbecue my parents gave us for Christmas and grilled up some (soft) food. Namely, Talapia. I was going to go for Salmon but the $8.50 a pound was a little much for me. We concluded the BBQ party with a HUGE slab of prime rib that took six people to finish off. Pictured below. All in all, now that we have barbecued together, we are one step closer to becoming a real family. And I just feel that much more manly. (Oh, oh, oh - Tim Allen Grunt)

Just look at the flame under that guy!

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