Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What we learned in Provo Canyon!

This weekend we had to do an intense field study in the pouring rain in Provo Canyon for one of Shelley's classes. We went for a hike to find the answers to four specific questions:
  1. What kind of pine trees grow in the canyon?
  2. What kind of animals live there?
  3. Where does the snow go when it melts?
  4. How much rain does the area get annually?
Here are some pictures to document what we learned!

One of the many pine trees we saw.

Look, do you see how all the grass is laying flat towards down hill? It's because of melting snow!

We found a HUGE Beaver dam!

Not sure what kind of animal these come from...

Don't eat the worm, Shelley!

Pine trees only on the north face?

We thought these guys were smart...until we realized they were an hour away from the parking lot wearing only sweatshirts and jeans in the pouring rain. And they weren't going towards the cars.

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