Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy April! - Memories of Dt-Day

Besides accidentally persuading the parents of one of my roommates that the police were running after him for TPing an "O" on Y-Mount, this year's April Fools day was a little disappointing to me. So, I'll just reminisce about last year.

The crowd begins to gather at Dt-Day

Last year for April Fools, Shelley and I organized the largest most successful (in our not so humble opinion) prank in the history of BYU. They were demolishing some of the dorms and with the help of many friends, we passed out fliers saying that the last tower would be imploded on April 1st. About 4 thousand fliers. Basically, we created a fake event that had about 1,500 people show up for it. There were families taking pictures in front of the remaining tower, people in lawn chairs, news crews, liberal students protesting and petitioning the protection of the last building (which was already 33% gone), bystanders galore, and a handful of police.

The news articles that followed are really the greatest part of the whole thing. If people leave comments on this post expressing an interest in the articles, I'll be sure to link to them in the next post. But here are some pictures!

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