Sunday, September 23, 2012

In Memory of Ali

Often times in pregnancy I have sleepless nights. Not because I'm physically uncomfortable, I usually do okay in that boat. But when I wake up to use the bathroom or possibly to readjust my pregnant body, I usually can't go back to sleep because my mind is racing with thoughts.

Lately, I haven't allowed myself the time to sit down and write about my thoughts. Perhaps I've had too many, or not enough that have been worth sharing.

This morning (among many other thoughts) my mind and heart is turned toward my dear family members who are hurting because of an unexpected loss in our family. My step-dad's niece, Ali, was the victim of domestic violence (reported in this news story).

There are so many yet not enough words to describe this news --shocking, tragic, heartbreaking, unfathomable...

I would never try to compare what happened to us and our loss of Luke to this situation. Nevertheless  Trevor and I have felt the power of a parent's love for their child and have felt the pain of unexpected loss. And because we have felt emotions connected with parental love and loss our hearts are that much more tender and full of ache for Ali's parents and all those that loved her.


I wasn't close to Ali, but was so immensely touched by her consideration, love, and generosity when we lost Luke. She and her dad came to Luke's funeral to offer their love and support and condolences to us. Because we weren't very close, I was so touched that she would make that effort for us. In addition to being there to offer love and support she and her dad gave us the beautiful piece of artwork pictured below. I couldn't believe how thoughtful they were.

Under His Wing by Jay Bryant Ward

Ali, your kindness touched me and I will be forever grateful for the love you showed our family. Your parents, children, other family members, and friends will continue to be in our prayers as each of them grieve your loss. 


May we each be reminded to cherish our loved ones while they are here with us, be a little more loving, and a little more forgiving. Each of our days are numbered, may we cherish every one.   

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