Thursday, January 30, 2014

The memories in a smell

Last week we were on vacation and the bar of soap Trevor used was the same brand that he had used while a freshman in college. He commented how the smell alone brought him back to those dorm days.

Today I was cleaning out a box of hair product. I often try new products for a while and then move on to something else. I also always ask for free samples at the beauty supply store and pick up clearance items to give them a try. Needless to say, I have quite a collection that was getting weeded through today as I work on "spring" cleaning. I had recently showered and so my hair was still damp. I came across a bottle of Bumble and Bumble strengthening serum and opted to put some in my hair.

The smell.

The smell brought be right back to that January day when I got my hair cut. It was a cold winter day much like today. I got several "damaged" inches cut off my hair as I tried to bring my hair back to recovery after being in hair school! The smooth silky feeling of having someone thoroughly blow-dry your hair. The crisp edges of a new haircut. And the smell of the new product in my hair. The pink high heels. The outfit. Coming home to our little studio apartment and showing off the new look to Trevor.

I could see and feel it all again. Smelling that smell brought be back to that day. To who I was that day. To what I was that day.


Pregnant with Luke.

Some moms can remember the smell of their baby when they were born. I don't have any smells ingrained in my memory from that day, but this . . . this brought me back to that day when he was still inside me. Before we knew if he was even a he. To that day when life was just rolling along as it should --pregnant and moody and loving every bit of it!


Still thinking of you my little baby. Miss you and am grateful for our time together. 

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  1. Oh Shelley. Sending you lots of love. I read somewhere that scent is the strongest tie to memory. I'm grateful that you have the smell of Bumble and Bumble. And what a superb scent it is-- so good! You look positively stunning in this photo, pink shoes are fun! :)