Thursday, March 26, 2009

Revolutionary way to get out of debt!

Shelley and I are in a personal finance class that you may have heard about in earlier posts. It's a great class and we've learned a ton about investments, insurance, saving, financial planning, and the list goes on. One thing we have learned, however, stands out above all the rest. It is a truly remarkable and revolutionary way to get out of, and stay out of, debt.

If you are having any financial troubles or are even just curious about this fascinating program, please enjoy the video below. It will change you life, as it has ours. It is truly a reflection of the innovative and inspiring learning environment that we participate in at BYU.


  1. Okay, I guess it sounds legitimate, but honestly now, what if I want to buy pizza and I don't have any money?

  2. Okay, I guess it sounds legitimate, but honestly, what if I want to buy pizza and I have no money?

  3. That is covered in paragraph 6 it is the ONLY exception to the one simple rule if you want pizza and don't have the money you have to buy it right then and there. That goes double for married couples because they are married

  4. This is genius!!! I can't believe that I had never thought of this before. Okay, one more scenario to test your brilliance: If I really, really, really, really want some chocolate and it costs $2 and I only have $1.50, do I get the chocolate?

    Okay, now what if I steal 2 quarter from your frisbee in your room, then should I get it?