Sunday, September 25, 2011


Luke, these sunflower-like flowers are everywhere. They remind me of the little yellow flower I pulled from your casket flowers on the day of your funeral. They're so cheerful and make me smile. They make me think of you. They're growing everywhere--in between the freeway lanes, by the copy center, by the side of the road, in fields by a lake we discovered--anywhere that weeds should grow seem to be filled with these flowers. I asked the owner of a store if I could cut some down from a ditch in front of his property. He gladly obliged and especially because I think he considered them to practically be a weed. But to me they are a blessing. A blessing which Heaven has scattered bright yellow flowers all around me to remind me of you. To remind me of summer. To remind me of joy. So I left some for you and I brought a bunch home to put in a vase. If I can't bring you home, I'll at least bring something to remind me of you.   

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