Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Visit from Friends

Before the 1 year anniversary of Luke's birth my friend Jenny told me that some of my friends from Provo were planning to go to the cemetery since they knew I couldn't be there. She wanted to make sure I was okay with that and verify the location of Luke's burial place.

It meant enough to me that they remembered it was Luke's "birthday," and I was so deeply touched to know that my friends were planning such a meaningful excursion to the cemetery. I knew they were taking flowers and had requested they send me some pictures of their visit. I didn't really know who was involved and pictured just few people would go down there.

You can imagine my complete astonishment when Trevor and I were driving back from our evening hike and I was checking my email on my phone and pulled up this picture:

I couldn't quite tell yet who was who since the photo was small, regardless, I couldn't believe the shear multitude of people who were there! I felt so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from these woman who are my friends. To see that each of them had taken the time and made the effort to gather up their children to go down to the cemetery (at least 30 minutes from where most of them live and much further for others) just for me and for Luke was so incredible to me. As I write about it now, I struggle to find the words to describe my astonishment and my gratitude. It's humbling to be the recipient of so much love and such a kind gesture.  My heart was filled with their love. I wanted so badly to be able to put my arms around each one of them and thank them. I hope they each know how much this means to me. 

The flowers, balloon, and teddy bear they brought cheerfully decorated Luke's grave. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I also love being able to see the beautiful sky and see what a beautiful day it was. (Ha ha! Upon enlarging this photo I just spotted a little crawler in the back ground! Love it!) 

Each of these babies pictured below were born within days or just a few weeks of Luke's birth. 

These are my friends who I went through pregnancy with. These are some of my experienced mom friends who I could turn to with questions about pregnancy, birth, and all things baby. It might be hard for some people to see a picture with their friends and their 1-year-old babies. For some people, I might imagine, it would elicit feelings of jealousy and pain. Yet, for me, it doesn't. Because not only are these my friends who went through pregnancy and birth the same time as me, these are some of my friends who cried with me and for me, who prayed for me, who let me hold their babies when I felt so empty-armed. These are women who I love and I feel so unbelievably grateful to have in my life. 

My dear friends, 

I wish I could wrap my arms around you and thank you each individually for your love, prayers, support, and thoughtfulness. I love and admire you all so much and feel so blessed to be acquainted with each of you. 


  1. This is so touching Shelley. What a wonderful, kind gesture. There are so many good people in the world. It's wonderful to see that Luke was remembered by so many.

  2. Oh, that's so wonderful. I love all those people - I'm so grateful they could do that for you! Happy birthday to all their babies and to little Luke.

  3. How cool!!! And what an incredibly thoughtful thing for them to do. It's so neat to see how many friends Luke has thinking of him, and how he's touching so many lives. Happy birthday to Luke!

  4. Oh man...this made me cry! True friends and lovely people! I don't see how any of us could forget Luke!