Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meaningful Flowers and Gift

Not only did my wonderful friends visit Luke's grave on the first anniversary of his birth they sent me these beautiful flowers.

I was so surprised by the unexpected arrival. As if going to the cemetery wasn't more than enough! These flowers were so meaningful to me because I knew that the flower choice had been selected particularly based on some of my favorites which had been in Luke's casket flowers.

Knowing this pregnancy has caused so much anxiety and fear, these friends also sent us fetal doppler as somewhat of a "birthday" gift. Trevor and I decided to give it a try for the first time Sunday morning (August 5, 2012). Luckily I'd been feeling kicks already that morning when we woke up as we laid in bed chatting, so I was sure we were going to find a heartbeat. Trevor is a pro and found it the moment he put the doppler to my stomach. It worked like a charm and we are so grateful for this gift that can offer us a little peace of mind in the coming weeks.

All that these women did for me to honor Luke and the 1 year mark of when I gave birth to him was so touching and I am forever grateful for their love, friendship, and service.

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