Saturday, December 10, 2011

My First Attempt at Spin

On Friday morning my friend, Emily, and I decided to give the spin class at our gym a try.

I wasn't quite ready for it.

If anyone has been to a spin class before, you know what it's like. I'd never been before, but I soon discovered what it was like. There is a totally buff instructor who spins away, while the lights are off, the black light glows, and really loud music pumps through the room as the instructor yells at you to trun up the resistance on your bike and pedal harder, faster, and longer.

Some people really thrive off of a workout like this. Not me. It pushed me over the edge. I seriously started crying because I couldn't take it. I felt like I had so much anxiety and unrest internally that I couldn't take it externally too!

It's not like me to just give up. I usually push through, knowing it would make me stronger. My own life is making me stronger right now though, so I didn't need a spin teacher trying to make me stronger too.

When I came home and told Trevor about my experience of walking out of the spin class partway through, we laughed together as he better described a spin class that would suit me. "Imagine you're in a field of flowers...pedal through the meadow to see the butterflies...pedal faster to catch those butterflies..." A feel good class like that would definitely suit me much better!


  1. Shelley you are not alone. I hated the one and only spin class I went to. Definitely not my thing either. Love you mucho!

  2. Haha, I love the way Trevor described a "feel-good spin class". Awesome!