Tuesday, January 10, 2012

He is My Light

Today was a day for tears. I have no motivation today. But I'm okay with that. I've accomplished a lot lately. I've tried to do a lot. I'm just going to let today be a day -a day of tears, a day of prayers, a day of resting. I sit and look out the window, feeling a little bad that the daylight has settled to dusk and now dark. I can't bring the daylight back. And the truth is it's only going to get darker before it becomes morning again.

Perhaps this is true with my life. Perhaps my heartache will get stronger before it heals. Perhaps the dark of this night won't be bright again until that glorious day of resurrection when I get to live with my son again. Or perhaps it won't get bright again until I can hold a living, breathing, baby of my own.

No matter when the sun will rise for me, I am so grateful for the Son, the Son of God, who has felt my pain, has felt my sorrows, and understands my tears. Because of Him, there can be light in my life no matter how overshadowing my trials and burdens may be. I love Him. Like my own son, I have not met Him, but I know that He lives and that He cares for me.

I'm not sure how a soul can know such truths, but mine does.


The Lord Is My Light by Heather Bosshardt