Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blog Changes

Don't's still Trevor and Shelley's blog! And our hearts are still knit in unity and love.

I just decided I'd make the blog title actually pertain to what the content really is about. Initially, this blog was supposed to be a cute "look at us and our fun married adventures" blog, but I never was really moved to write and post pictures about our life and our adventures (even though they have been many!).

This blog has obviously been an outlet for me to write about my thoughts and feelings--mostly related to events and experiences that have occurred because of Luke's death and I assume that is what it will continue to be.

I am working (slowly) on some blog re-design as well. So be patient with me as I try to make the blog a little bit more aesthetically pleasing. It's a work-in-progress and I try to not spend too much time on it any given day.  If I am spending time blogging I prefer it to be time dumping my thoughts from my head onto the page and not editing gadgets, images, and html stuff!

Hope the changes don't cause any confusion!


  1. I'm loving the new design--and I'm so happy for you in Virginia with your next little one on the way! This blog is a beautiful tribute to your son, and an inspiration to moms who worry about everything--because you've had a terrible thing happen to your family and yet you're so positive about it. It's inspiring. Thank you. Ps, I have happy news! I'm joining the ranks of mothers!

    1. Sooooooooo! Happy for you to be pregnant!!! I can't wait to here more...and by the timing it seems like our babies must be due about the same.

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