Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Meeting My Nephew

I don't have many words to follow up with about meeting my new nephew.

Dallin is incredibly sweet and perfect (like any newborn) but a bit more so, since he is my nephew. I loved holding him. I loved examining him. I loved to touch his soft angelic hair. I honestly could have sat and held him all day.

There was one particular moment when I put my finger in his tiny newborn hand and he gave it a little squeeze and my insides swelled up with emotion and lingered in my eyes on the verge of tears, but conversation in the room continued and with a breath the moment was gone. Perhaps if I had been alone my emotions would have spilt over into actual tears.

I'm not sure what about that moment was so poignant to me. Perhaps because I never got to feel the life in Luke like that. Never got to have that real tangible connection. Perhaps because I felt like this sweet baby was offering some of his love and solace to me. Perhaps because with the squeeze of his tiny hand, I felt like he was telling me everything would be okay.


Initially I didn't think he looked like Luke at all. Luke definitely looked like a Fitzgerald; however, my nieces and nephew tend to have a face shape more similar to their mom and Dallin is no exception. On Sunday I came home and looked more closely at pictures of Luke. I realized that Dallin and Luke's eye-shape actually seem to be the same--very Fitzgerald.  


What a blessing it is to have a new member of our family and I am so grateful to my brother- and sister-in-law for sharing this wonderful time with us. 

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