Sunday, April 29, 2012

Until We Meet Again

Luke I wanted to leave you with one last beautiful bouquet--at least for now. I knew it was going to be the last time that I'd be able to come to the cemetery to leave flowers for you for a while. I wanted them to be extra special. It had been a long week of celebrations for you daddy, packing, and all sorts of things. I was so tired as I searched for the perfect flowers to make you an arrangement. I wanted it to be really nice for you. I wanted it to be cheerful. I wanted it to have a bit of blue. As I stood with exhaustion in the store and thought about you and what I was trying to do for you I nearly broke down in tears. 

I  feel like the arrangement turned out beautiful and it was a beautiful, calm Sunday morning when I brought them to you. It was a very special morning for me  to come and be alone and ponder and pray and sing for you. I know you are not there, but I plead that you would be able to feel of my love for you.

 Oh how earnestly I want to be able to live my life so that I can be with you again one day. More Holiness Give Me was the song of my heart. 

 How many  tears I have shed on this sacred ground. It was hard to know I could not come here whenever I wanted to anymore. It was hard to know that I would not be the one to bring fresh flowers here to commemorate you.  

But how thankful I am to God that you have been laid to rest in ground that has been dedicated to be sacred and protected until the morning of the first resurrection. How grateful I am to know that your  sweet body will lay here, safe and protected until the glorious day that the Lord's power and resurrection will become a reality for you and for me. Oh towards that glorious day I look with joy. 

 On Monday we stopped by one last time. It was our last stop as we left our wonderful home in Payson. We will always remember Payson as your home, though we never lived there we were there because of you. What a blessing you are to us. What a blessing it was that your life and death brought us to that place. Our lives and been forever changed because of you, our son. 

May God be with you and us, until we meet again. 

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    You are strong and brave, Shelley. All the best to you.