Saturday, October 15, 2011

Change Your Questions - Change Your Life

I wrote this post just over a month ago. I finally have taken the time to proofread it for all my grammatical errors :-0 So here are some of my thoughts on life...


Our dear Aunt Colleen sent us a book as a gift. She said it wasn't necessarily pertaining to our situation, but it was a book that she has enjoyed and has been really impactful for her. The book is Change Your Questions, Change Your Life by Wendy Watson Nelson.
Today, September 9th, I sat down on the couch, picked it up off of our coffee table (aka wooden crate), and started thumbing through it. It fell open to a chapter that is all about the question "What is on my premortal list of things to do while on earth?"

I am grateful to have stumbled across this today. This week I have started to feel a little depressed. I don't feel like anything I do really makes me happy. I even have had a hard time doing much of anything. Yesterday I spent time reading some stuff online, attempted to do some household chores, but didn't do anything really satisfying or fulfilling.

Reading through the chapter of this book was what I needed.

Thanks Jim and Colleen for the book, I think it was probably a little bit inspired. 

The author, Wendy, talks about how differently we would live our life if we could see a glimpse of what life was like before we came to earth. We know that we are each here to receive a mortal body, be tested to do what God commands us to do. And then she reminds us of a third thing we are each here to do.

Find and Fulfill My Mortal Mission

She talks about how we won't be happy until we do that. When I lived with God what did I promise Him that I would do while I was here on earth?  What do I need to be doing now and throughout my life that will bring me joy? Am I spending my time doing things that are of no worth?

One question she writes really stood out to me: "Will your life's mission require you to sacrifice in a particular way for the mission of another?"

Tears came to my eyes as I imagined what life was like in Heaven. Perhaps I was told that Luke only needed to come to earth to get a body and I was asked if I would be willing to be the vessel to allow that to happen. Did I agree to this? Perhaps. I can imagine myself lovingly saying with conviction, "Yes. I'll do that for you." 

It seems as though I've already accomplished part of my mortal mission. But what now? What would the Lord have me do while I am here on the earth? What does He need me to be doing?

I know that through prayer and even fasting we can discover what our Heavenly Father wants us to do. I am anxious to put this to the test. Hopefully I can have the strength, courage, and commitment to do His Will. 

Have you taken the time to pray to your Heavenly Father to know what He would have you do?  


  1. I'm trying to figure out how best to express how thought provoking I think that question it. At least, I don't think I've ever really thought about things that way. And it makes a lot of sense that when we are fulfilling our life's mission that we can find the most peace and happiness.

  2. Beautiful Shelley! Thanks for sharing that. I will have to go get that book now sounds like a good read. Thanks for being so willing to share your inspiring story and use it to lift others!

  3. What an insightful question! I think you're right. And I think I probably need to get my hands on this book! Thank you for your insightful and inspiring posts. I've been in the doldrums recently, and your posts really are helping me regain perspective and take a good look at myself. You're awesome.

  4. Well ladies, I know someone with a copy that you can borrow anytime :-)

    And I'm glad to know that someone's reading my posts and that they might be making a little bit of a difference.

  5. Thanks for sharing this, Shelley. Lately I've been feeling like there is something more, as in something in particular more, not just MORE in general, but something more I should be doing. I feel like if I fast and pray it will come. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing, Shelley. I feel that way a lot, too - like nothing I do is making me happy. It is a wonderful thought that what we need to do to be happy is fulfill our mortal mission. OF COURSE! I know how simple it is, but yet so brilliant. Thank you =)