Monday, October 31, 2011

I've Got a Bag of Popcorn & I'm Not Afraid to Use It!

On Friday I was struggling a bit. I was trying to be motivated and productive, but I wasn't really either of those. It took me all day to shower, get the house tidied, and clean out the fridge. With a list like that you'd think that I was actually caring for a newborn. Nope. Just one of those days.

Some days I can pin-point the thoughts that are making me feel a certain way, but Friday wasn't like that. I just felt kinda "blah." I'd even done the normal make-you-feel good things like pray and read my scriptures and even prayed again. Still felt "blah."

Well thank heavens for friends! We'd been invited to go to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point with some of our friends from Washington. At first I still couldn't get over my "blah" feeling, but after some time, some distraction, some laughter, and even some screams I felt a lot better.

Thanks for the fun time guys!

Janessa and me in the giant wooden semi-truck. I'm pretty sure I want one for our backyard now. See the cool slide coming off of it? Yeah, awesome. I know.
Scott and Trevor in the guillotine. Not sure why this was there, but still a fun kodak moment. 
I'm pretty sure the funniest thing that happened all night took place in the haunted corn maze. I had bought a huge bag of kettle corn and was munching on it all evening. There was at least half of the bag left so I tied off the top right before entering the haunted corn maze. Before we entered a lady had to go over the "rules." She informed us that we were not to touch the people and if we were real flinchy to just keep our hands in our pockets. If we didn't follow the rules, we would be dismissed from the maze. We enter the maze and before I could even look around this guy in a mask pops out of no where! Instinctively, I swing my bag of popcorn and hit him in the head with it! It wasn't until after the fact that I realized what I'd done. I gasped and started to apologize profusely and begged him not to kick me out. It was all pretty funny ... until a few seconds later he comes after me with a chainsaw. Yeah, that's the last time I go around whacking scary guys in masks with popcorn!

 All in all I was grateful for a fun time to lift my spirits.


  1. "Until a few seconds later he comes after me with a chainsaw". HAHAHAHA! The joys of a maze! Funny enough, the only corn maze I've ever been through was that dinky one by Dave's in Palmyra. Now THOSE were the days!! Love you Shell!

  2. haha, that's hilarious! I probably would have done the same thing!
    Glad you guys had fun!

  3. That is awesome, Shelley! I have those days too... I'm glad you decided to go somewhere. =)