Saturday, October 8, 2011

There are worse things . . .

During my scripture study on September 11th, I was reading in the book of Matthew. I came across a verse that reads:

And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. (Matt 10:28)

Of course we are so sad to not have the opportunity to raise Luke, here, in this life, but there are worse things than death. There are so many evils in this world that Luke has bypassed and totally avoided. I love the words of President Joseph F. Smith (who burried 9 of his own little children):

It is a very difficult matter to say anything at a time of sorrow and bereavement like the present that will give immediate relief to the sorrowing hearts of those who mourn. Such griefs can only be fully relieved by the lapse of time and the influence of the good spirit upon the hearts of those that mourn, by which they can obtain comfort and satisfaction in their hopes of the future. ... I have learned that there are a great many things which are far worse than death. With my present feelings and views and the understanding that I have of life and death I would rather follow every child I have to the grave in their innocence and purity, than to see them grow up to man and womanhood and degrade themselves by the pernicious practices of the world, forget the Gospel, forget God and the plan of life and salvation, and turn away from the only hope of eternal reward and exaltation in the world to come. (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph F. Smith, (1998), Chapter 15: The Salvation of Little Children)

Yes, it is hard to not have Luke with us. Yes, we cry. Yes, we long to meet our son and wish we could be with him. But how reassuring it is that he has been taken in "innocence and purity."

Now we must work to be with him. We, of course, have always strived to keep the commandments, but now we have an additional motivation to do so. We want to be worthy to be able to be with him again. I am reminded of the words of the apostle, Richard G. Scott, from the 2011 April General Conference:

Our seven children are bound to us by the sacred ordinances of the temple. My precious wife, Jeanene, and two of our children are beyond the veil. They provide a powerful motivation for each remaining member of our family to live so that together we will receive all of the eternal blessings promised in the temple. (The Eternal Blessings of Marriage)

How grateful I am to have a knowledge that there is life after death and that I can work to be able to be with my little son again!

Luke, thanks for the additional motivation to live my life the way that Heavenly Father wants me too.  I'm trying every day to follow the example of our brother and savior, Jesus Christ. I'm not perfect, but I'm making my best effort to be able to live with you again one day. I love you! Love, your mommy. 


  1. Thanks so much, Shelley. Your testimony is a wonderful inspiration, and I continue to pray for youo. Love you.

  2. Shelley, you are such a sweetheart. While death is such a torturous thing and I would never wish it upon anyone, our precious angels can give us more comfort and peace and motivation to get back to them while they are in heaven rather than if they were here with us. I recently had an experience that confirmed this for me, and it is the same for you. Our loved ones can be closer to us than we realize and we should always feel comforted from that. :) thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. I look up to you for your positive attitude1

  3. Niki, thanks for sharing. I'm sure they are closer than we realize and for that I am grateful.

  4. This is such a beautiful post and so, so true! My sister and her husband have a sweet angel too...they often have FHE and birthday celebrations, etc. over at the grave (they know that she's not necessarily there, but it's symbolic I guess). I love the quotes you use...we all need to be reminded of these things time and time again.