Monday, November 14, 2011

Beautiful, Bright, Millennial Day

Yesterday we sung The Day Dawn is Breaking as the closing hymn in Relief Society. Tears fell down my cheeks as I  sung the words:

          Then happy reunion and sweetest communion
          We'll have with our friends in the beautiful day.

          Beautiful day of peace and rest,
          Bright be thy dawn from east to west.
          Hail to thine earliest welcome ray,
          Beautiful, bright, millennial day.

What a beautiful day and happy reunion it will be when I finally meet my son. 

Luke, I think about you every day. And I look forward to that glorious day that we will be reunited. I love you my precious son. Love, your mommy. 


  1. We sang this song for the closing song as well! I am the chorister, so I got to choose it :)
    What an amazing message of hope!

  2. Crying right now. What a wonderful day indeed.