Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Great Week With Friends

I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends! And this week I was able to spend time with so many of them. Earlier in the week I went to book club with my "Provo" friends. I love that they let me still come to book club, even if I haven't read the book! Honestly, I just haven't felt up to reading the past month. It's always so great to spend time with these ladies. That night I was feeling a little in the slumps so I probably wasn't the most amazing guest to have. That's life these days, I guess. I am so grateful for their love, concern, and kindness.

This weekend was another fun filled event with woman that I love so much! I got to be a tag-along on a "Quilting Retreat"  with my best friend, Suzanne, and her family ... even though I wasn't going to be making a quilt. (Are you noticing a pattern? Book club; don't read. Quilt retreat; no quilting.) I guess it's the company I'm after!

Suzanne and me, sewin' away!
These woman are seriously like my second family. Suzanne and I have been best friends since we were two and three-years-old. I just love being with her and her family! It's always a guaranteed good time filled with Coke, conversation. and often crafts.  

(As a totally random side note: Suzanne and I used to secretly take Coke cans out of her refrigerator and take them back to my house where we would hide in my loft in my bedroom, shake the cans, punch 'em with a push pin, and let the Coke shoot like a fountain into our mouths. I'm not really a soda drinker, but it's no wonder I prefer the taste of canned coke. It's nostalgic.)

While Suzanne's mom, sister, aunt, and sister's mother-in-law quilted we worked on our own projects. Suzanne made a beautiful log cabin style table runner and I made napkins.

Log Cabin Table Runner
By the looks of it you'd think Suzanne's was the hard project! Ha! Don't let looks deceive you! She finished way before me and lovingly stayed up well past midnight with me so I could finish hemming my napkins. I know it seems simple, but 28 14.75"x14.75" napkins sewn twice = 3,304 inches of sewing! That's 91.7 yards! That's nearly the length of a football field!!

It's probably no surprise that I felt like this:

when the remainder of the adults were turning in for bed and I'd spent the last hour dealing with a sewing machine that wasn't sewing right for me (turned out to be a user error!) and I still had lots of sewing ahead of me!

Don't worry I finally finished! (Notice how NO ONE else is in the room by this time!)

I also made a great banner for Thanksgiving. I love the fabric and am quite pleased with how it turned out!

What a fun filled weekend it's been!

Thanks for such a great time! 

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