Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our Trip to Dallas

It seems like I've had so many adventures lately that I can hardly keep up with them! Our latest get-away was to Dallas. Trevor got a job offer with a company whose headquarters are in Dallas. They flew everyone out for a little "Office Visit" no matter what office location you plan to work at. There were about 20 students from BYU that went. Even though most of these guys are married, somehow, they missed the memo that you could bring your spouse! So besides me there was only one other spouse that went along.

A few highlights included:
  • Delicious meals (all provided by the company!)
  • An adventure to a nearby park to find a geo-cache 
  • Getting to know the other students in Trevor's program
  • A service activity at a therapeutic horse ranch
  • The old man putting me in charge of driving the tractor just because I know how to drive a manual
  • Trevor getting to drive the tractor because I couldn't figure out all the levers on it
  • An hour long massage for the spouses while our husbands did a "team building activity" (amazing, right?!)

Tryin' to drive the tractor
Check out our "big winnings" from the carnival and card games at the party on the last night. I couldn't believe Trevor almost left them in our room! Good thing I went back inside to confirm we had all our belongings!

I wasn't so great at taking pictures. Probably because everyone else there wasn't quite the tourist that I was, since they were there for business. I got out the camera as we were getting on the bus to leave and told Trevor: "Since we haven't taken any pics all weekend lets make up for it by taking tons of them today!" He didn't go for my idea.

Fortunately, I "needed to use the restroom" before we left so I ran inside and snapped a bunch of pictures of the hotel practically as the bus was pulling away! I loved so much about the design of the hotel I just couldn't resist!

Love the color and design of the different patterns!
It had such a glamorous yet fun feel.
Love the mirror!
They had already started resetting this room when I returned to take pics. The pic doesn't even capture the beauty of the drapery and crystal light fixtures. 
One of many different chandeliers found throughout the hotel. I loved all the light fixtures.
A whole hallway of chandeliers. I loved the glam!
Some students, usually from other schools, would ask what I was studying or what I do. I spared them the long story of why I'm not in school or working right now. I like to talk about Luke, but sometimes it just doesn't seem like the right time. I did get to tell the other spouse that was there about him. I liked that. 

It was a fun trip yet I'm glad to be home exercising again and not eating so much food!

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  1. =) Looks like a blast. You'll have to let us know if Trevor takes the job. It looks like they know how to take care of you!