Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hope of Spring

On Tuesday morning I arrived at the Provo temple, stepped out of my car into the dark morning and felt the warm air around me. I heard birds chirping and Springtime felt so near. I could nearly feel it surround me. I felt so hopeful and grateful to the Lord for the blessings in my life. I felt myself choke up right then and there as the sound of the birds skimmed above my head. If only I could be sure to forever hold on to that feeling of overwhelming gratitude and hope for a warmer, brighter day that is lovingly bestowed upon me by our Father in Heaven.

To Him I am so grateful--for the warmth of His love and for everything that the new life of spring represents.


  1. Lovely sentiment, and I am so grateful for the wonderful weather the Lord sends to us around springtime. It seems to come right when we need it.

  2. Shelley, sorry I haven't commented sooner. Thanks for your comment. That made me feel better about my day to day routine. I never thought of doing that but it's so true that the little things do count and we should look at those as big things after having angels as babies.

  3. Sometimes the Lord sends us the small things when things are hard to tell us He's still there. Spring does bring new hope and I'm always so glad that the change of season brings us into Easter. What a wonderful time to remember the hope our Savior brings to us all. Thanks for sharing this. Love you lots!