Sunday, March 11, 2012

White Roses

Luke these flowers were purchased the same morning I purchased a pregnancy test to find out that you will have a sibling. Perhaps as a gift to let you know the good news...although I'm sure you already knew.  

It was a warm spring morning and my heart was full with anticipation and gratitude for Easter. I wept as I knelt there thinking about our family. You--in heaven accomplishing a marvelous work and another spirit that is now a part of our family. Even though I know you are not there it felt like for a moment that I was there with my two children. How grateful I am to God to have both of you.

I wish I had written about the experience sooner because the details of this beautiful Sunday morning are already fleeting from my mind. I remember how glorious it was that even though your grave is under the shade of a tree, the bright rays of the sun shown perfectly through the branches onto the grass next to your grave. It was like a little gift from God to be able to sit in the warm sun, next to your grave. It was a little miracle of the morning. I knew God knows me and He is aware of us and our family. How grateful I was for this simple tender mercy. 

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