Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

I couldn't help thinking of Luke today. It doesn't seem like it was a whole year ago when we were enjoying the 4th of July festivities at the annual Banks family BBQ. I was quite pregnant and could barely squeeze between the chairs to get to my seat. I didn't mind though. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have noticed, but I kept getting up to get more food. Luke, while you were growing I would always eat so much!

July 4, 2011
I guess that's true any time I'm pregnant. It's strange to think that this year at our own little 4th of July BBQ, I was eating nonstop  for Luke's little brother who is currently growing inside of me.

July 4, 2012
How so much has changed in a year. Well, I guess it's not that so much has changed --I'm still a petite pregnant woman continually eating. But so much has happened in between. Life has brought me to a different place than I could have possibly imagined just a year ago.

Luke, I was missing you today and at the same time I was grateful Heavenly Father has given me the opportunity to be pregnant with your brother. I guess it was appropriate that it was a day of remembrance and a day of celebration. Happy 4th of July. 

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  1. Aw. Thinking of you always Shelley. You make one darling pregnant woman :)