Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Birthday

Summer is filled with so many memories of my final days with Luke. Today is my birthday and I can't help to think about my birthday last year. All I had wanted to do was paint Luke's nursery. Trevor bought me a step-stool as a gift and I got to work painting away!

July 7, 2011
Most people wouldn't consider a step-stool a very great birthday gift nor would most people consider a painting project to be something fun to do on a special day, but I loved it. I loved getting Luke's nursery ready. I loved that I had envisioned a space for him and for us to be and that I was creating it. I was looking forward to the nights I would get to sit up and feed him. I was looking forward to the time spent playing on the floor with toys. I was looking forward to getting up in the night to console a sleepless baby. 

How little I knew at that moment about how none of those things I was looking forward to would come to fruition. 

Now that it's my birthday again, I couldn't help thinking back to that day. 


This year I am grateful that my birthday is marked with fun events and the love of others. My sweet husband planned a surprise outing for breakfast. He prepared all the ingredients needed for our breakfast, secretly packed them and our camping stove in to our truck, and took me to Great Falls National Park for a fun family outing. 

While we were there we took a picture for an alumni group who was touring the falls that mourning. I started chatting with a woman from the group and she made a comment about how it's great that we're able to travel and do some sight-seeing now because it won't be long before we're "a bit occupied" as she gestures to my stomach. I loved that. I love that I am finally becoming noticeably pregnant at least to some people some of the time.

Like I said, I'm a hungry pregnant mama...

My kind brother- and sister-in-law spoiled me with a surprise dessert party even though they had just gotten home late from a day of travel back from Utah. 

Even though the memories of my birthday last year are bittersweet because what I was creating was never used for what I thought it would be, I still look back fondly on that day -the time that I was able to have Luke with me, and the love that I had in creating something for him. I am grateful that this year's memories will be marked with phone calls from friends and family members, thoughtful messages and gifts, time spent with Scott and Maryanne, and with a fun outing with our second son with us, even if he is still just inside of me! 

Thanks to everyone for making my birthday special. 

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  1. Happy birthday Shelley!

    It is amazing how much you have seen during one year. My prayer for you is that this upcoming year (not sure if you are 24 or 25 or maybe 23... I can't keep ages straight!) will be filled with tender mercies and blessings :)