Friday, July 20, 2012

Exercising Make You Healthy (And Happy Too!)

This post is getting added to my tab of Gifts for Bereaved Parents because even though it is not a tangible item that was give to me, my friends who became my workout buddy truly did give me a gift that helped with my healing, health and well-being, and my happiness.


Okay some people need to get out to be happy. I seriously am pretty content being a home-body. I always have stuff to do; whether it's bills, misc. paper work, cooking, cleaning, crafting, decorating, or just writing or reading there's no shortage of things to keep me busy at home. Sometimes I even just sit and stare at my space scheming up ways that I can make it more beautiful--thinking of paint colors, how to change the furniture arrangement, what colors to accessorize with, etc. Seriously that's not even a lie. I might be kinda obsessed, but I guess that's okay because it's my thing and it's what I like to do.

Regardless of how content I can be at home, I'm sure it's not healthy to never get out!

I know myself and I know that it's hard for me to have regular routines on my own. Last October when my friend Emily mentioned that she was considering joining a gym I wasn't super interested, because I'd never done the whole gym thing. Regardless, I decided to give it a try, because I knew it would be good for me. 

Almost every morning Emily and Michelle (who Emily also convinced to join the gym) would come knocking on my door so that we could head to the gym for our morning workout. At first I was always ready to go, but as time went on and especially if Trevor and I had stayed up late, I would sleep through my alarm. I'm not sure why they stuck with me, but Emily would wait for me as I would throw on my work out clothes and sleepily get in their van.

I may not have put the weights on the max that I could do. I may have been more focused on our conversations than with how many reps I had just done. I may have put the bicycles on not very straining speeds. But I was there and I was getting my body moving! I didn't feel the need to push myself...too much. I figured it was good enough that I was there. After a while we started to do Zumba which was so much fun and a workout that actually pushed me!

Eventually our schedules became misaligned and sadly we didn't all keep going to the gym together.

Between just making sure I was getting out of the house or the fact that I was exercising I don't know if I could say which was more important for me at that time of life. One thing is for sure. The friendships that I formed with those women during those workout sessions was more than I could have asked for. Emily and Michelle became some of my best friends in Payson and I will be forever grateful for them reaching out to me  at that time of my life! 


I knew no one could replace my best friends, but when I got to Virginia I knew I needed a workout buddy so that I could stay healthy during my pregnancy. I wish the desire to have perfect health for my baby was enough to get me moving, but knowing myself I knew I would need someone that was going to commit me to   actually getting out the door. I sent out an email to all of the ward members to see if anyone was interested. 

I started running with a woman named Lara who I instantly loved and admired because of how she emanates kindness and is so optimistic in spite of the trials and challenges the Lord has placed in her life. Another thing I admire about Lara is her keen awareness of the beauty of the earth. While we're jogging she notices critters, birds, and beautiful flowers that I might not have if she hadn't pointed them out. 

The summer heat and summer schedules have kept us from going out the past several weeks. This morning was surprisingly cool and knowing I need to be more consistent with exercise I decide to forge on without her. 

How grateful I was that I decided to go. I tried to be more aware of things like Lara is. What a beautiful world we live in! Aren't these blooming flowers just wonderful? 

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  1. so great! I agree, exercise is amazing. For me it's not about losing weight or looking good, I know God created me to be who I am, but it's about health and respecting the gift of a body.

    Glad you found a friend in VA who you can exercise with and those flowers are very pretty :)