Friday, February 10, 2012

Big Changes Ahead

Well we have some exciting news! Some of you have already heard, my wonderful and amazing husband, Trevor, has gotten a GREAT job lined up once he graduates in April.

First, I'm so proud of him for finishing school! He wanted to be done last year, but he decided to hold out just one more year to earn his Master's degree. He's not quite done yet, but he is working hard at it almost every day to make sure he'll be all done come April.

As for the job, it will be for a company called Pariveda Solutions. They flew us down to Dallas a few months back, but at that time Trevor hadn't officially accepted the offer. I guess you could say all our ducks weren't in a row yet. We're thrilled to have the opportunity for such great employment, especially at this time when it seems like so many people are struggling to find work at all. This company has all the things our personal finance teacher at BYU, Scott Marsh, taught us to look for in a company -health insurance, 401k investment with matching options, ability to grow within the company (just to name a few). When Bro. Marsh told us to look for these things it sounded nearly impossible to find something like that. Well the good news, we did!

As for the big change, Pariveda has office locations across the country, but none in Utah. So we're going to be moving. We wanted to be near family so we selected the Washington, D.C. office, because Trevor's brother Scott (who came to visit) and his family live out there.

Last week I flew out to start hunting for housing. My incredibly kind sister-in-law, Maryanne, drove me all around town to look at apartments. I found some potential options and mostly just had a great time playing with my nieces and nephew.

Painting Nails
A night out for some yummy pizza
Making Vanetine cupcakes
We're so thrilled for this new adventure! Yet so sad to have to say good bye to our life in Payson that we love so much.


  1. That IS exciting! Congratulations to Trevor! I personally love moving - not exactly the process of moving belongings, but the whole adventure of the changes. I move twice while growing up and in fact have no memory of living longer than five years anywhere. We've been where we're currently located for nearly three years and I'm feeling antsy! :)

  2. Shelley Shelley Shelley! You're moving out here?! Tell me where, please! I want to see you as soon as you get here! You can text me, email me, or call. Love you!

  3. so exciting! You'll have to let us know when you guys get settled so we can come up and visit you. We're about 3 hours south of D.C. Congrats to you and Trevor!

  4. I am too chicken to move out of state, Sam always says how much he would love to and I just kind of stress out. But the fact that Trevor has a solid job with great benefits I'm sure makes it easier.

    Good luck on your big adventure!

  5. Yay!! That is so exciting!! What a great adventure for you! That's lucky that you could go somewhere that you have family. Congrats Trevor! It's so reassuring to have a job before graduation, no many people are so lucky!

  6. To say we are excited to have you and Trevor out here is an understatement! There is no replacement for family. And the kids will be so lucky to have their Uncle Trevor and Aunt Shelley close by! So happy Trevor was able to find such a good job.

  7. I have heard great things about D.C.! How wonderful for you two. Moving is always hard and can be stressful, so I'll be thinking and praying for you two.